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DK UPC: 195543854910
Uploaded: August 15, 2020
Release date: August 15, 2020

Composed & Performed by Cold Shelter

Benoit Grenier: Vocal, Piano, Drum, Keyboard 

Dominic Siciliano: Vocal, Guitar

Jean-François Lachaine: Bass 


Produced & Engineered by Benoit Grenier 

Recorded at ElroMusic Studio, Mellow Roll Studio, and Studio 66 

Mixed, Mastered at Studio 66  


2020 © The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Cold Shelter music Ltd. under license to Records 2020 ℗ Records.

All rights reserved made in Canada

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

“Valerie" from Cold Shelter comes in with an almost comforting progression, combining piano and guitars to create an alternative rock sound with a classic rock style. ​ The song has the elements of an instant classic. Something you think you may have heard on the radio at some point. ​ Building arrangement and vocal harmonies keep this songs strength until it hits its chorus which by the way, is a sing along. It'd be pretty surprising to not start chanting "Valerie I'm losing you" after even just the first time around. ​ Follow this up with a tasteful guitar solo and an intensity that grows more and more up to it's final climax. This one does have the qualities of classic rock anthems. And that's really what this track is. "Valerie" is an anthem. ​


Jam with Cold Shelter and see what we mean.”


“Cold Shelter's “Valerie” for rock fans, Canadians band Cold Shelter rock with a classic footprint in Valerie, abusing spaced lines and a metric that reminds a lot of bands from the 80s. An interesting differential is the exploration of solos throughout the music, which are repeated giving body to a track. It is worth mentioning that being a Power trio, one of the members performs more than one function within the band's sound, giving dynamism and body to the compositions. If your beach is rock in its classic way, satisfaction is guaranteed.”


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