Benoit Grenier

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Multi-instrumentalist / Composer / Sound Engineer / Singer / Songwriter / Producer

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Multi-instrumentalist / Composer / Sound Engineer


Benoit Grenier “artist named Ben Grenier”, Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer born in the Laurentian’s, received his early music education there with private teaching. He writes instrumental music and movie soundtracks, hoping to catch people’s ears and hearts on his musical imagination journey. Benoit played drums at a very young age and then learned the piano, guitar, and bass. At school, his teachers saw his potential and took him under their wings. Giving him the opportunity to learn and play classical instruments, strings, winds, brass, percussion and more piano.


In the 80s Benoit had another love, M.I.D.I technology. Now being able to compose scores and to play them back with computer music software and sophisticated samplers of that time. With the desire to learn more Benoit went deeper into learning about sound engineering from analog to digital.


Ben now has thousands of listeners all around the world from Austria, Germany, United States, Sweden, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil, Poland, England and France.


Multi-instrumentalist / Singer / Songwriter / Producer


Born in Quebec, Benoit soon realized that he loved the english culture and language. 

At the age of 18 he left Quebec for Toronto to perfect his English and perform with various musicians. Upon his return to Quebec, he explored the world of musical production with John Farley (producer for Martine St-Clair). He discovers his passion which has guided him since that day: producer, studio musician, arranger and sound engineer.


1990 attests to Grenier's professional beginnings. His experience will contribute to the production and arrangement of numerous albums linking all musical styles: new age, classical, rock, pop, etc. 


The multi-instrumentalist, singer song-writer and producer also participates through his musical versatility in the soundtrack of these albums as much as a composer and performer.


Thus, this new introspective motivation adequately and totally completes his calling as a singer-songwriter and live performer for Cold Shelter.